While we are arguing about how to get rid of corruption in Montreal, Copenhagen is looking into the future with its Climate Adaptation Plan to decrease the effect of climate changes on it’s population. How ? More green space and natural water plans and planning at the scale of the whole city. Simplicity and common sense, that’s it. It’s frustrating to see how progressive societies around the world are getting ready for the future, while we are struggling to elect a mayor that will not steal from us. Copenhagen, here I come !


Whether or not CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases are to blame, an irreversible fact is that the planet’s climate is currently in a state of change, throwing tsunamis and massive rain pours at its inhabitants. And even though we cannot precisely predict the next natural disaster, we do know that our surroundings are changing dramatically.

Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, found a way to connect and address the climate changes in one master plan – The city’sClimate Adaptation Plan, aiming to prepare Copenhagen for the future by developing the Danish capital as a climate proof, attractive, and green city. The plan is one of two winners in the COMMUNITY category  of INDEX: Award 2013, and jury member Arnold S. Wasserman calls it “a foresight of critical importance.”