LEPSIS: The Art of Growing Grasshoppers


We ear about insect “gastronomy” quite a bit these days. This project is quite interessting and reveiling of the problematics that designers will have to face in the future.

Growing and eating nutritious grasshoppers in your kitchen could be a sensible solution to the looming global food shortage predicted for 2050. LEPSIS: The Art of Growing Grasshoppers might sound less than appetizing to some, but the sustainable advantages should be incentive enough for us to rethink what is (in)edible.

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ENTO – The art of eating insect

Another interesting design project adressing the same problem is Ento – the art of eating insects. This project is a great example of a global strategic design approch covering branding, product design, packaging and market penetration strategy. Bravo !
ento_entobox-closeup2_0 Ento-Efficiency - Copie