I was looking for a bike helmet for the summer and came across this one from Carrera which I find is really innovative. Foldable and good looking are usually not found in the same product. I have to say the marketing campaign is quite convincing.

I like the fact that they’re targeting the urban/occasional user like me and not the performance user like most of the other helmets I have found so far. I will have to try one soon. Too bad they seems to be only available in Europe at the moment.

“Nowadays cycling is more and more the favorite way of getting around the city for business or leisure. For this Carrera created the Carrera Foldable Helmet Premium Edition, an accessory destined to become every rider’s best friend, combining utmost comfort with no compromise in safety and without sacrificing style and design.
Paired with the new CARRERA 6008 sunglasses, the iconic model that catches the heritage and the very racing attitude of the brand, this practical and lightweight helmet with leather details and matte finishing is the must-have for those who want to be trendsetters on the saddle of a bike.”



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